PoW Camp 663 Park House ‘A’

This former Camp on Park House Road is one of two the other being further to the south and is now a simple farms field


Non-Disclosure Agreement – Tidworth Area


Site Visits

August 2019


DSLR Photos

I received substantial help in locating this site from Mr P Woods, who like myself is a H.M Forces Veteran.

The location of this site differs substantially from that previously published by the likes of English Heritage and IAW my agreement with Mr Woods for confidentiality location data other that “Tidworth” will not be published until such time that I have independently verified it my self or following publication by P Woods or a 3rd Party.

What I can say of this location on modern times it is publicly accessible via road or track the concrete of which Is very old. And that this track leads to a field with no remaining evidence of a former PoW Camp at this site

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 663 Park House ‘A’