PoW Camp 106 Stamford Camp

Site of former PoW Camp 106 Stamford now occupied by a Housing Estate


A606 Empingham Road / Lansdale Road / Luffenham Close, Stamford, Lincolnshire


Last Site Visit

March 2020


DSLR and Drone Photos
UK FO Inspection Reports

This camp was the 1st camp visited on a trip to East Anglia.

The location given for this camp is a sole source one from English Heritage as TF 014 071 and the site of the former PoW Camp has been subject to redevelopment in that a housing estate sits on the given coordinates. The houses look relatively modern but are I would estimate to date from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s in that these houses and bungalows on this site have a chimney which was common on the 1st generation of homes built with gas central heating. I took several images of the sports field including the social club and two changing room buildings. On the housing estate I took several generic images as well as photos of the semi detached house at the given coordinates.

A revisit of this site was made now that I have seen in old photos that the PoW site was actually located closer to the A606 Empingham Road than I originally believed. I shot some images along both Empingham Road and Luffenham Close. I also wanted to shoot drone images of the site but being a built-up area and on the edge of the RAF Wittering MEZ I settled for two sets of images.

The 1st set of drone photos was taken by simply taking off from the Ruby / Sports club on Lonsdale Road and then simply turning the drone around and panning without moving the drone. i.e this set was to the East of the site.

The 2nd set of Drone Images was taken in a similar manner but from the West of the site on a field close to Stockwell Lane.

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 106 Stamford Camp

Extracts from UK Foreign Office Inspection Report from UK National Archives Kew:

FO 1120/183 PoW Camp List 20Feb47