PoW Camp 34 Acksea

The former Asksea PoW Camp 34 now sits within the Active Training Area of the British Army Nesscliffe Training Area and is one of three camps associated with this Training Area.


Nesscliff Training Camp, Wilcott Camp, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 1BH

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May 2019


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Acksea Camps 34 and 1018 are located on the same Military Training Base as Camp 591 Wilcott Camp, that of Nesscliffe Military Training Range.

I received an invitation to photograph this site following the sending of a letter to the camp commander.

The Camps location is given as being on the Admin and Domestic parts of the camp, where as the Acksea Camp is located within the actual training area. This training area is centred around Acksea Farm the main building of which is believed to have been used by the Guard Force with the PoWs being accommodated in the four surviving brick buildings and Nissen huts which although they have been removed the bases remain. Between the Training Area Acksea and Accommodation Site Wilcott there is an area known as the Compound.

All that has survived of this compound is the concrete bases of steel fence posts within a long field that is now used to graze cattle. It is assumed that is Compound is where the third PoW Camp associated with Nescliff was located. In addition to the remaining fence post bases and the Acksea Farm buildings there are several WWII Ammunition Storage bunkers that have since been abandoned.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 34 Acksea