PoW Hostel 42 Higher Nansloe Farm

The fields to the rear of this farm once housed PoWs in Nissen Huts all traces of which are now gone


Higher Nansloe Farm, Degibna Lane, Helston, Cornwall


Site Visits

March 2020


DSLR Photos

This farm backs on to Royal Navy Air Station Culdrose as such the use of Drones was not permitted. I talked to the farmer who confirmed the former site of the PoW Hostel in field immediately to the rear of the farmhouse and yard. He told me post war the farmer had wanted to take ownership of the huts to use them for chicken sheds but on site closure the army removed them. I would also conclude from a distance that the hut bases have also been removed.

Although I was given permission to go into the field and examination was simply not possible due to very deep mud and owing to Culdrose the use of the drone was not an option. My images are thus of the farm, yard and the entrance to the field that contained the Hostel.

PoW Camp 42 Exhibition Field Camp in Holsworthy Devon lists several Hostels including one at Helston. The Archaeological Data Service Identifies Higher Nansloe Farm in Helston as a PoW Hostel therefore it is logical to Assume that these are the same site.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Hostel 42 Higher Nansloe Farm

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