PoW Camp 1005 Barby

General location of former PoW Camp 1005 Barby


Ware Road (Area) Barby, Rugby, Warwickshire


Site Visits

September 2020


DSLR and Drone Photos

The former PoW Camp 1005 Barby has been cleared and is now a modern housing estate. As such there are no clues as to the exact location of the camp other than the information supplied by English Heritage in their 2003 PoW Camp report. The site in addition to being a main camp also became a hostel for PoW Camp 87 Byfield.

This site is also identified by the Harrington Aviation Museum, and to quote from Malcolm Sanders who in turn quotes from Harrington…

The Harrington Aviation site gives: “Barby Hostel SP 545 706 Ware Road, Barby, Northamptonshire… Consisted of wooden buildings and brick building. Used by Italians and then Germans. Administration was from Byfield POW Camp No 87. The POW camp was closed in March 1948, buildings were used as a village hall after the war. Demolished 1972

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 1005 Barby