PoW Camp 632 Arena Road Tidworth

This POSSIBLE former PoW site is located within Tidworth Park. Arena Road is now nothing but a short track and the were there was a fence and huts we have horses behind an electric fence


Tidworth Park, Tidworth, Whilsthire


Site Visits

July 2019


DSLR Photos

I visited the Tidworth Garrison during the Summer I 2019 and meet a gentleman researcher with the army and with maintain the history of the Garrison and was shown a location I was informed as being the site of the Arena Road Camp. The site I was taken to is within the grounds of Tadworth House and the roadway and surrounds contain a number of sports facilities as such the word Arena and the possible use of a temporary campsite that may have been used by the military.

Since my return form this trip, I have discussed the location I was shown with Peter Wood another Researcher who disputes that this is the correct location. Mr Woods sent me some photos that were said to be Arena Road and the landscape in those images does NOT match this site or that of the surrounding area. There is no publicly available verified information as to this location other than a record of a Speech in the House of Commons with regards to post war housing in the Arena Road Area of Tidworth. Considering the Images shown and the speech, it is probable that this location is NOT Arena Road and that the site has been lost to post war housing.

Further research and correspondence from people within the area confirm that the camp was in the general area of Tidworth House wsth the remains of one of the access roads running through the images I have shoot. As such it would appear that the site was at this location or within 200 – 300 further along this old roadway and close to the House.However, if any one as confirmational data on the exact location of Arena Road Camp then I would be grateful

Camera Images a possible location of the former PoW Camp 632 Arena Road Tidworth

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