PoW Camp 156 Heath Camp

This former PoW Site is located on part of what was RAF Wellingore and is now a part of Pottergate Plantation


Pottergate Plantation, Pottergate Road, Wellingore, Lincolnshire


Last Site Visit
March 2020


DSLR and Drone Photos
UK FO Inspection Reports

During the late 1930s as the second world war looked increasingly likely the Royal Air Force expanded massively. Lots of airfields were built across the East Coast of England especially in Lincolnshire and Norfolk. These bases were not built to the same quality and standards of the large pre-war bases such as RAF Waddington. Instead these bases were made of initially grass runways and multiple dispersed accommodation and technical sites constructed using prefab and simple standard buildings. In addition, to the temporary buildings Hotels and stately homes were often commandeered and used for things such as an Officers Mess.
RAF Wellingore some 7Km directly south of RAF Waddington was one such camp using as it did Wellingore Hall as the Officers mess, with this building latter becoming a PoW Hostel. One of Wellingore’s dispersed sites became PoW Camp 156 Heath Camp.

English Heritage published a report in 2003 that purported to identify and locate the various PoW Sites. Unfortunately, contains some significant Errors and Omission. In their report they place Camp 156 within what is now Pottergate Plantation on Wellingore Heath. However, other documents point at Pottergate as being a Technical Site Not an accommodation site. My own visits to this site have confirmed it the various one-site remains are a typical of a former Wartime RAF Technical Site.
Whilst it is not impossible that the Pottergate site is in fact the former PoW Camp 156 Heath Camp additional evidence is needed, in the meantime the images shot make compelling viewing

Camera and Drone Images of a probable site of the former PoW Camp 156 Heath Camp

Extracts from UK Foreign Office Inspection Report from UK National Archives Kew:

FO 1120/183 PoW Camp List 20Feb47