PoW Camp 171 Bungay

The former PoW Camp was located at one of the dispersed accommodation sites for Bungay/Flixton aifield. This site is Abbey Farm


In and around Abbey Road Farm, and former US Air Station 125 Bungay, Suffolk


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May 2019


DSLR and Drone Photos
Photos of USAAF Memorials at the Airfield

Bungay Airfield was a typical WWII built airfield in that having built the runways and provided minimum support facilities next to the runway. The Technical and Domestic Sites for the airfield were built in multiple dispensed locations around the general area. During WWII Bungay was used by the United States Army Air Force as Station 125.

The English Heritage 2003 PoW Camp Report lists this Airfield as PoW 171 Bungay Base Camp. However, the report is unable to identify the actual location of the PoW within the airfield and or dispersed sites. Likewise, neither myself nor any of researcher has published the location of the actual PoW Camp site.

I took several images of various dispersed sites using DSLR and Drone Cameras around the following dispersed airfield sites listed below and as shown on this web page

  • Abbey Road Farm
  • Abbey Farm
  • Memorial Site

Note: this PoW Camp may have been associated with or a part of Camp 273 Flixton Airfield PoW Camp which is also labelled as US 125

Note: If some one does have information as to the exact location of this site I would be grateful if it were forwarded to myself

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 171 Bungay

USAAF Memorials at the Airfield: