PoW Camp 290 Penketh

This former PoW Site started as an Anti-Aircraft Battery and is now a mix of Derelict Structures and New Housing


Bridge House, South Lane, Penketh, Widnes WA8 3TY


Site Visits

December 2019


DSLR and Drone Photos

This site must be the best site I visited during my new year 2019/2020 trip to the Western coast of the UK.

The site began as Barrow Green H17 Anti-Aircraft Battery build to protect the Liverpool Docks and general area. The Archaeological Data Service state that the site was like many; no longer used by Allied Military, initially used to hold Italian PoWs, then German. Finally, local history has it being used for refugees and the homeless until it was finally abandoned.

As it exists today the site is divided into several blocks.

  • The first block is to the West: This part of the site is derelict and contains the remains of a one large two story building that has been heavily vandalised along with the remains of a small number of other structures including a Water Tower and the remains of bunkers.
  • The Second block to the east contains a large pleasant bungalow called Bridge House the owner of which gave me permission to photograph his home.
  • The Third Block to the North West contains another house or building.
  • The remaining block is farmland

My own visit to this site was just before new year with amazing light that allowed me to take photos slightly different from normal using camera and drone within “Golden Light”

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 290 Penketh