PoW Camp 293 Carronbridge Camp

The site of PoW Camp 293 Carronbridge Camp is similar to that of PoW Camp 156 Heath Camp both consisting of as they do as abandoned huts, bases and detritus within woodland. There is though a unique feature at this site – someone has bolted together the remains of several Nissen Huts to form two massive abandoned corrugated cylinders.


Islahead Wood. Thornhill. Dumfrisshire


Site Visits

July 2021


DSLR and Drone Photos

This project in interesting in many ways and every so often you come across the unusual. On walking into the woods from the main A76 road i came across buildings in the woods along with bases and demolish bases and huts and I recalled PoW Camp 156 Heath Camp in Lincolnshire the main difference between that site and this one is that its flat in that part of Lincolnshire. But the true surprise and an odd one at that was when I walked out the other side of the woods to see partial remains of Nissen Huts.

A Nissen Hut is normally corrugated steal on a metal frame with a wall at each end and on a concrete base. This was very different, some one had taken the corrugated steel and formed two massive cylinders !

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 293 Carronbridge Camp