PoW Camp 37 Colley Lane

This former camp is to the north of a large industrial estate with two surviving Prefab Accommodation buildings and a number Romney Huts as well as some old fencing that may date back to WWII


Phoenix and Axe Rioads, Bridgewater, Somerset


Site Visits

June 2019


DSLR and Drone Photos

This site on arrive in the area on a very hot and bright summer day was confusing in that the general area consisted of a very large industrial deport that in part was made up of WWII standardised Buildings, Romney Huts and a few Maycrete Huts. Naturally I was drawn to these buildings and concentrated my photography with both my camera and drone in and around these buildings.

Latter investigation showed multiple railways lines running through the site in a similar manner as PoW Camp 633 Proteus. Also like Proteus these railway lines were latter removed with some of the former track bed replaced by roads and subsequent building of modern industrial units.

Whilst I got some great photos for the most part, I actually missed the site of the PoW Camp that was as proved by Malcolm Sanders to lay to the North of the Depot. In modern times the site of the PoW Camp is now a small modern housing estate shown in the header image and located within a square defined by:

  • Colley Lane – North
  • Parrett Way – West
  • Phoenix Road – South
  • Railway Line – East.

Thus, my best images of this site are based where the PoW were probably employed with my drone images showing the PoW site as a series of Orange Roof Tiles at the top of the frames.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 37 Colley Lane