PoW Camp 16 Flaxley Green

Site of former PoW Camp 16 Flaxley Green within Cannock Chase in deep mid winter


Stilecrop Field, Rugeley. Staffordshire


Site Visits

January 2021


DSLR and Drone Photos

There have been several PoW Camp 16’s in addition to this site. This site is located on Cannock Chase in the West Midlands.

My visit to this site was the first visit I have made in the snow as such there is very little to actually see within the images that shows the location of the camp excepting for two small brick pillars. However, this is a large confirmed site and the contrast of a snow scene compared to all the other sites servers as a reminder of the living conditions that people in prefab huts had to endure year round.

This camp was also recorded as Camp 175

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 16 Flaxley Green