PoW Camp 11 Racecourse York

The former PoW Camp 11 Racecourse Camp was located inside the racetrack at York Racecourse and in front of the standards and facilities on the East Side of the Racecourse


York Racecourse, Racecourse Road, Knavesmire Road, York, Yorkshire YO23 1EX

Site Visits

May 2019


DSLR & Drone Photo


I visited the location given by English Heritage and found a housing estate as anticipated. However, the houses in that estate where identical in design and build to that of my aunt whose house was built in 1938. Therefore, I quickly concluded that the location was incorrect. Regardless I took a few photographs of the estate and the West Side of the Racecourse.

I drove to the East side of the racetrack taking several photos of Bustardthorpe Allotments as there was a possibility that the former PoW Site had become the allotments. As with other allotments the site included tunnels, tents, and huts with regulated and number spaces all of which call to “PoW Camp”. I also found and photographed an old brick structure on the allotments.

I moved on to the racecourse stands and took a few photos from the rear of the stands and entrances to the course before moving to the side of the stands and next to the track. On reaching the track side I then used my drone to take several photos of the front of the stands and track before leaving the site. Later that day on visiting Malton and Eden Camp I talked to the onsite manager about my project and gave York Racecourse as an example as to my having an address but not a defined location. I was then shown the location of the POW Camp which was placed inside the racing track and within the structures in front of the stands and not as I had assumed as either to one side of within the standards and support buildings.

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 11 Racecourse York