PoW Hostel 292A Kirmington

This former PoW Hostel site is yet another located within a former RAF Dispersed Domestic or Technical Site. Whilst it is Hostel / Satellite Camp under the control of the former RAF Donna Nook PoW Camp this dispersed site (in this case the images shown are from the WAAF site) of the former RAF Kirmington, or as it is known today – Humberside Airport


Kirmington Business Centre, Kirmington Village. Lincolnshire


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October 2020


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UK Foreign Office Inspection Report

The village of Kimmington lives to the south of the river Humber and Humber Bridge and just to the North of what is now Humberside Airport – the former RAF Kirmington. Kimmingon is identified as BOTH a Hostel AND Satellite Camp of Camp 292 Donna Nook `within the Foreign Office Inspection Report – FO 939-333 PoW Camp 292 Donna Nook.

The Hostel and Satellite Camp are listed on a visit report covering 29-31 October 1947 as holding 310 and 545 respectively confirming that these two entities are definitely two different entities. Like Donna Nook the main camp and many other sites this Hostel and Satellite Camp would have been located within dispersed domestic or technical sites of RAF Kimmingon adapted for use by PoWs.

Post War RAF Kimmingon eventually became Humberside Airport with many of the PreFab structures associated with wartime build RAF and other camps such as Nissen and Maycrete Huts being demolished. Three Maycrete Huts though have survived into modern times at the end of a small lane within Kimmingon village and opposite a small industrial estate. northlincsweb.net identifies the site of the Huts and Industrial estate as the WAAF site with the remaining dispersed sites ato the East and South of the village and to the North East of the airfield.

Various websites and local history Kimmingon again links the surviving three huts a part of the PoW Camp. However, whether these huts were the “Hostel” or the “Satellite” Camp it is not possible to say.

Finally – it was not possible to see my drone at this location owing to the proximity of Humberside Airport

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Hostel / Satellite 292A Kirmington

Extracts from UK Foreign Office Inspection Report from UK National Archives Kew

FO 939-333 PoW Camp 292 Donna Nook – Camp Reports – inc Kirmington