PoW Camp 153 Fulney Park

This former camp is located to the South of Fulney House. With the exception of the entrance and camp road all traces of this site have now gone


Kellet Gate / Wheatmore Drove / Swindlers Derive / Fulney House, Lower Fulney, Splading, Lincolnshire


Site Visits

March 2020


DSLR and Drone Photos
UK FO Inspection Reports

This site like many others took some effort to track down. As per many sites its actual location was NOT as stated by English Heritage but was in fact some 300m north in field to the immediate south of Fulney House. Although this camp has long gone its original entrance to the camp on Kellet Gate Road to the south of Fulney House alone with the camp road has survived

Camera and Drone Images of the site of the former PoW Camp 153 Fulney Park

Extracts from UK Foreign Office Inspection Report from UK National Archives Kew:

FO 1120/183 PoW Camp List 20Feb47