PoW Hostel Camp Farm Denford

The site of this former Pow Sub Camp used to hold a small number (assumed to be less than 100) PoWs was identified by the RAF Harrington Museum Website.


Camp Farm Denford Northamptonshire


Site Visits

May 2019


DSLR and Drone Photos

This former PoW Sub Camp site was visited on the 1st of May 2019 simply because I was in the area and between PoW Camps 98 and 702. I went initially to Briggs Farm with the intention of asking permission to photogram that farm. Alternately I planned to take some photographs from the roadside or from a sign posted footpath that runs alongside the farm. On enquiring at the farm, I was told by the lady there that the PoW Camp was located further down the road at a small holding that was now called “Camp Farm” because of its former usage as a PoW Hostel.

I was told that this farm was now up for sale and that the site was empty as such. On arriving at Camp Farm found that the site as such was secure with a very large high gate and a high hedge. Being unable to physically gain access to this site I used by Drone in order to take several photographs.

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Hostel Camp Farm Denford