PoW Camp 674 Consols Mine

This former PoW Site is now a Holiday Park called – Mountlea Country Park and has great view of St Austell Bay


Mountlea Country Park, The Mount, Par, Cornwall PL24 2JS


Site Visits

September 2019


DSLR Photo and Drone Photos

Following the end of WWII and the final closing of the camps the military typically removed all the PreFab Wooden and Nissen Type Huts. This typically mean that they left behind Maycrete Huts and standardised brink buildings and a lot of concrete building bases. A popular use of such sites was the Caravan park with the various caravans being sited on the remaining concrete. This is especially true in areas on the coast and other attractions.

It appears the Consols Mine Camp may have been such a camp. Of course, though caravans do not last for every as such a few of these sites were further developed by replacing caravans with Prefabs either as cheap housing or as holiday homes. This former PoW Camp is now Mountlea Country Park – it’s a Holiday Home site made up of Prefabs with spectacular views overlooking St Austell Bay.

The PreFab’s in the park are relatively new are in an extremely high state of repair with most having gardens and flowers. There are no traces of any earlier buildings, and I suspect these Prefabs having replaced an earlier generation that were laid out in a grid pattern.

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 674 Consols Mine