PoW Camp 567 The Mount

The site of former PoW Camp 567 The Mount – Image Taken From Google Street View


The Mount, Whitchurch, Shropshire


Site Visits

September 2020


DSLR and Public Domain Images from Google Street View

In working as a formally Trained Landscape and Drone Photographer within the UK you need to beware of what constitutes Private and Public in terms of taking photo’s and the definitions are generally covered within Civil Law. It is legal to take any photo you like on public property although it may not be appropriate to do so. Likewise, it is legal in most cases to actually launch a drone and take photos of private property when launched from a public place and over fly private Land but not prohibits outline in the UK Drone Code and CAA rules and regulations. Simply put you do not own the airspace above your property, and providing that the images are taken looking through people windows and of people within a private setting they are legal. In fact had they not been so Google, Ordnance Survey and other mapping agencies could not operate or aircraft fly etyc..

In undertaking this project – NONE of my images include people other that as a very small dot in the background and when operating on Private Residential Sites permission is sort. If that permission is denied the shots from the closest public site and or drone images or 3rd party public domain images are used.

In this project and approaching people for permission to take photos and or people asking me what I was doing taking photos in public location I always identify my self showing different forms of ID, explaining the project and handing out a business card even though this is an academic not for profit project. In fact this work is a modern take on the English Heritage 2003 PoW Camp Report and copies of the completed project will be going to English Heritage and UK MoD. In addition some parts of the material may be included within a PhD study at a future date as to landscape evolution, change and ownership should I take on the PhD now I have completed my Masters.

In visiting over 300 sites I have been denied access twice in a polite manner. This location was very different ! The Mount is an old and odd shaped Listed building surround by very poor imitations of older houses. On this occasion I was approached by some one that I best described as patranoid, and hostile shouting that it was a private estate with the only indication of its status as an amendment to a sign that is not noticable from a car. So, keeping with the letter of UK if the small group of houses is truly private for which I have no independent evidence other than a single poor sign that does not lay out the boundaries etc.. The images here are definitely from the public roads etc.. I have also included Public Domain Images from Google. In addition to this multiple images of the site and houses can be found on a simple google search The Mount being a Listed Building AND there being multiple images of the various properties from estate agent sites

Camera and Public Domain Images of the site of former PoW Camp 567 The Mount