PoW Camp 563 Middleton Hall

The former Middleton Hall is long gone leaving behind stables, a walled garden and a few outbuildings. Unfortunately, I was unable to contact the people that live within the grounds of the old hall. As such my images of the Park Area where the camp was reported to have been are limited to drone shots taken some distance from the site


Middleton Park, Beverley Road Middleton on the Wolds, Yorkshire


Site Visits

October 2020


Drone Photos

The former Middleton Hall PoW Camp number 563 along with the Hall itself have long gone. Research from M Sanders and others places the camp in what is now an enclosed park or space surrounded by trees with no public access.

On the date of my visit to this site I was unable to find any one for permission to enter the site and take photographs. Likewise owing to the site being enclosed and in part residential and not visible from public access my images are limited to a small number of drone shots taken from a distance in low cloud.

The drone images show no trace of the former PoW Camp.

Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 563 Middleton Hall