PoW Camp 570 Shardlow Hall

Very little inform appears within the public domain with regards to this former PoW Site within Shardlow Hall. The Hall is now empty and in a poor state of repair.


Shardlow Hall, 83 London Road, Shardlow, Derby DE72 2GP


Site Visits

August 2019


DSLR Photos
Drone Photos

I have Mr Peter Wood to thank for informing me of this particular site as there is very little published information on this former PoW Site. It and most of the surrounding buildings are best described as abandoned but not yet derelict, except that is for a Children’s Nursery close to the site entrance. The hall is in extremely poor state off repair and appears deserted. The lawns etc are in an incredibly good state of repair. The field said to have been used at accommodate droops and or PoWs is secure to the front and overgrown. It also though contains the remains of green houses, poly tunnel hoops and a boiler house.

  • Observation – there are no clear signs of the remains of any WWII structures in this field
  • Speculation – the green houses could have been placed on the bases of removed PreFab huts.

To the left there is an empty wooden building that was used as a nursing home, with a more substation building being used as a nursery. Between the closed Nursing Home and Nursery and backing on the rear lawn of the hall there are several buildings that appear to date back to WWII. Except for the buildings to the left of the hall there are no obvious links or signs of WWII usage of this site.

Camera and Drone Images of the site of the former PoW Camp 570 Shardlow Hall