PoW Camp 135 Stanbury House

This site consist of a small modern housing development, trees and scrubland with no real evidance of a former PoW Camp at the location visited


Wellington Court, Spencers Wood, Reading, Berkshire, RG7


Site Visits

March 2019


DSLR Photos
UK Foreign Office Inspection Report

This site is made up of a modern housing development approached down a large driveway with large tree to the side of the driveway as well as woodland and scrub as well as countryside to the rear. The English Heritage PoW Report of 2003 puts the site of the former camp as being within the woods and field to the right-hand side of the drive and that it indicated that remains should have been visible. In actuality though though post visit research it is evident that a number of Nissen Huts were located along the entrance road as well as tents and other accommodation within the field.

On entering the wooded area from the far end of the driveway and walking back towards the roadway I encountered small bits of building rubble and concrete consistent with a site that had been cleared. Although there was nothing definitive on the ground walk to fully confirm that this was definitely the former PoW Site. Evidence may have been present in deeper and inaccessible areas of scrub closer to the road.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 135 Stanbury House

Extracts from UK Foreign Office Inspection Report from UK National Archives Kew:

FO 1120/183 PoW Camp List 20Feb47 – Inc Camp 135