PoW Camp 76 Dymonds Farm

The former PoW site is now woodland to the south of the farm and some 150m off of Bishop Court Road


Bishop’s Court Lane, Sowton, East Devon, Devon, EX5 1DQ


Site Visits

September 2019


DSLR Photos

The former PoW Camp is to be found to the South of the main Dymonds Farm some 150m from Bishops Court Lane.

The entrance to the site is via gate which is located next to a small cottage with two Nissen Huts.

I asked the farmers for permission to take photos and was told that the farm belonged to his father and he would have to check. As such my images are limited to the Farm Building, fields opposite and the camp or rather woods as can be seen from Bishops Court Lane.

Note: I was unable to use the drone to capture he site as it is within the MEZ of Exeter Airport.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 76 Dymond’s Farm