PoW Camp 668 Aliwal Barracks Tidworth

These images are of the modern Aliwell Barracks and Mess / Dinner. These buildings would have replaced ones similar to those found at the Jellalabad Barracks and represent modern single accommodation for army other ranks


Tidworth Garrison, Tidworth, Whiltshire


Site Visits

July 2019


DSLR Photos
UK Foreign Office Inspection Report
Toys made by PoWs

I requested and received permission to enter and photograph the Tidworth Garrison to photograph the site of the Aliwell Barracks that were used for a short period as a PoW Camp. On arrival to the Garrison I was introduced to a researcher who showed me some of the toys that were made for him as a young child by the PoWs.

I was told that Barrack Blocks were used in the war and that post war the various huts and wire was removed.

  • The 1st set of three images shown are of the Jellalabad Barracks these being what the Aliwell Barrack would have looked like during the War.
  • The 2nd set of three images are the new Aliwell Barracks with modern living quarters for junior ranks.

However, although I photographed the Aliwell Barracks evidence was uncovered by P Wood another PoW Camp Researcher that the actual PoW Camp Accommodation was to the West of the actual Barracks in an area that is currently a Sports Field and Tennis Courts

Camera Images of the site of Jellalabad and Aliwell Barracks within the Tidworth Garrison, noting that the PoW Accommodation is 200m from the site of the modern Aliwell Barracks

Extracts from UK Foreign Office Inspection Report from UK National Archives Kew and Toys:

FO 939-321 PoW Camp 668 Aliwal Barraks- Inspection Reports
Toys made for local children by PoWs