PoW Hostel 292B Donna Nook

Located just 250m from the Main former PoW Camp 292 Donna Nook this Hostel / Subcamp is considerably smaller with a least one surviving Maycrete Hut along with the remains of two Nissen Huts survives today as a kennels


Ark Road, North Somercotes, Louth,. Lincolnshire LN11 7NU


Site Visits

October 2020


DSLR Photos

This former PoW site is a Hostel / Satellite Site of the main Donna Nook Pow Camp and is within sight of the main camp.

This smaller site as it exist today is a dog kennels and contains the remains of two Nissen Huts and at least one Maycrete Hut. Regrettably the sites owners refused access thus the images have been shot from public access. Also as per the main camp it was not possible to use the Drone owing to proximity to the Donna Nook Bomb Range

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Hostel 292B Donna Nook