PoW Hostel 81 Crowle

PoW Hostel 81 Crowle was a small Hostel or subcamp of PoW Camp 81 Pingley Farm located in the small village of Crowle to the West of Scunthorpe. This former site like many others including the main camp has gone and been lost to modern housing


Wyvern Close, Crowle. Lincolnshire


Site Visits

October 2020


DSLR Photos

I am grateful to Malcolm Sanders for identifying the location of this Hostel for PoW Camp 81 Brigg. This site today like that of many locations visited as part of this project has been redeveloped. In the case of Crowle the site has been built on and now consist of a single street called Wyvern Close containing individually designed bungalows with two or three small vacant slots of land.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Hostel 81 Crowle