PoW Hostel 250 Rudston

This site made up of a few Nissen Huts and Connecting Buildings is a typical SubCamp


Buton Agnes Balk, Rudston, Yorkshire


Site Visits

August 2019


DSLR Photos

I came across this site whilst on my way to 250 Thorpe Hall less than 2Km from this site. The site as seen consists of a two Nissen huts connected by a brick work passageway and structure with evidence of a previous hut also being connected via a brick structure. In addition, there is a single isolated Nissen Hut at 90o to the other structures. This arrangement of the Brick and Nissen Huts is a classic small accommodation unit as used by the British Military in WWII. An identical structure is to be found at PoW Camp 1007 Site.

The ends of the Nissen Huts have been removed to allow them to be used to store in one an old camper van and a farm equipment in another. The Brick structures have an intact doorway of the roadside although the roof is missing

On contacting Peter Wood a long time WWII researcher and telling him about the site he said that it was a post war site with the Nissen Huts have come from another location. NEVER assume if you find things such as Nissen Huts that the army put them there as on closure of camps and bases a lot of huts were sold off to farmer. So, whilst it was the Nissen Huts that caught my eye my claim of the site being a war time subcamp comes from the brick structures and bases to which he Nissen Huts are attached. It is possible that Peter Woods may be correct in that the hut at 90o may be an addition to an original sub camp. OR, the huts from the Sub Camp could have been sold off by the army and the Farmer bought replacement huts and reattached them to the bases and brick structures.

If any one has any information on this site then please let me know.

Camera Images of the site of a possible PoW Camp 250 Hostel