PoW Camp 779 Walton Hall

PoW Camp 779 Walton Hall is now Walton Hall Hotel & Spa. Initially there was some doubt as to the exact location of the camp itself as being either directly south of the Hall or a site some 400m North East of the Hall. Whilst nothing was visible at ground level as to the previous uses of the site outlines and foundations were easily identified directly south of the hall using a drone


Walton, Wellesbourne, CV35 9HG


Site Visits

January 2021


DSLR and Drone Photos

In undertaking this project I have now visited some 300 seperate sites seeking to confirm and then photograph the vicarious locations of form WWII PoW Sites In England, Scotland and Wales. In the majority of cases I have got the location correct through a combination of my own research and that of other. On some occasions as with any form of research I have got it wrong. This site though is somewhat unique; the general location of the former PoW had been narrowed down to a couple of areas but with no diffantive proof. My site site to Walton and walking around I observed an area of low ground close to the river that would have been unsuitable. Next I walked the ground to the Esat of the Hall, again I saw nothing. However, on sending my drone up the site of the former camp was instantly revival.

Looking at the images below, it is easy to see what I saw with my own eyes – nothing to see on the ground, but from the air it’s a very different story

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 779 Walton Hall