PoW Camp 30 Anglesey House

Anglesey House at Hoath End Aldershot is now a day nursery and there is no evidence of the former PoW Camp


Crown Daisy Nursary, Anglesey House, Farnborough Road, Aldershot, Hampshire


Site Visits

Martch 2019


DSLR Photos

This site consists as it does of a large Victorian house. It is identified as being used as a holding facilitate  or command unit for PoW used as Pioneers / Sappers / Military Engineers and or Bomb Disposal. Whilst there is / was room in the grounds for huts and temporary structures of which there is no trace it is possible that the prisoners if there were any held here could have been accommodated within the main building.

This building is currently in use as Daisy Nursery for young children.

When I arrived at this building rang the doorbell explained who I was and that I wanted to photograph the building and handed over my student ID card. The member of staff asked her bosses and I was allowed to take my photos of the building on condition that I was accompanied by the member of staff that I had been taking to, that no photos or details of any children where to be included and that they could check my images before I left. These where entirely reasonable conditions to impose and in line with what I wanted to do. I shoot my pic’s of thee building including one of a child’s wellington boots that had been left outside as a nice easy and acceptable means of showing the current usage of the site without breaching any ones privacy.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 30 Anglesey House