PoW Camp 25 Cloister Croft

The site of this former camp is now Leamington Spa Cricket Club and possibly Housing


Cloister Crofts Road Area, Lillington, Royal Leamington Spa


Site Visits

August 2020


DSLR Photos

This site as with may located with an urban centre has been lost to development. It is known to have been close to Leamington Spa Cricket Club.

The main housing on Cloister Crofts Road and that backs onto the Cricket Group is pre War in origin and thus rules out the possibly of the camp being sited there. Logically then if the camp was to the South of the road it would have been sited either within the Cricket Ground OR on Warren Close or which IO have no images. There is also the possibility that the camp may have been sited on the North side of Cloisters Crofts Road between Cloister Way and Lillington Road at a location marked as “Sports Ground” in Malcolm Sanders research notes

A revisit is needed to this site as the location shown may be a few hundred meters out

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 25 Cloister Croft