PoW Camp 405 Barwick House

The PoW Camp is gone but the main house remains and is accesable via publich footpath


Barwick House, Two Tower Lane, Barwick, Yeovil, Somerset


Site Visits

June 2019


DSLR Photos

The entrance to Barwick House is via a long private road secured at each end by powered access control gates with no means of contacting the house. However, there is a public footpath and right of way through to the house and park.

I used the footpath entering from the eastern end of the site and walked through a couple of fields before coming to the house noting along the way several follies within and statues the park. There is no evidence as to the former PoW Camp other than the main house itself.

The camp was meant to be between the house and woodland close to the house such that the principle image shown for this site would have the camp in the centre of the image. There is also evidence in Google Satellite Map View of the outline of what may be huts directly north of the woodland north of the house

Regrettably this site is within the MEZ of Yeovil airfield as such i could not use my drone

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 405 Barwick House