PoW Camp 409 Wolterton Camp

Unable to access site and or locate the actual site of the PoW Camp within the Park – Revisit needed


Woltern Hall, Wolterton, Norfolk


Site Visits

May 2019


DSLR Photos

I found Wolterton Hall and Park without difficulty and drove up to this stately home with its Rolls Royce parked outside, but it was a Bank Holiday Monday, and not only could I not find the main doors to the Hall but no one answered the doors to which I knocked on. This is a legitimate research project and simply put I do not walk around people’s gardens and grounds without first seeking permission. In addition, with a site such as tis I actually need to talk to the property owners in an attempt to locate the site of the former PoW Camp. As such my images are limited to photos of the entrance from the publish road and a revisit to this site is needed.

Camera Images of the site entrance of former PoW Camp 409 Wolterton Camp