PoW Camp 678 Fort Crosby

This fort has now gone leaving behind rubble along the foreshore


Crosby Beach, Liverpool, Merseyside


Site Visits

January 2020


DSLR and Drone Photos

This is an interesting site a few miles just to the north of Liverpool that I visited early on New Years Day 2020.

The site was an existing military base that was used in WWII as an Anti-Aircraft Gun Battery and parts of the beach and bay have been retained by the military as a training area with designated danger zones. The “Fort” is no more with its location simply marked on OS and Google Maps between Hightown to he north and Crosby to the south.

This bit of coastline is very clearly delineated running from West to East as follows:

  • Sea to the West
  • Foreshore of a sandy beach covered with brick and concrete rubble
  • Flat Sand Dines
  • Tarmac Path
  • Hilly dunes
  • Train Line
  • Farmland

Sniggery Farm is accessed from the B5793 road between Cosby and Hightown with a barrier and farm house just to the east of the train line. Public access to Fort Crosby is via the tarmac path that runs along the coast and is a few hundred metres from a closed inshore lifeboat station.

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 678 Fort Crosby