PoW Camp 292 Donna Nook

The site of former Main PoW Camp 292 Donna Nook consists of the remains of a Dispersed Accommodation Site from the War Time RAF Donna Nook. The site contains several Maycrete huts along with bungalows and a farm plus several local small businesses. Whilst the RAF Station has closed and the runways have long gone RAF Donna Nook exists in modern times as RAF Bomb and Gun Range that manages to double as wild life sanctuary for Grey Seals


Ark Road, North Somercotes, Louth,. Lincolnshire LN11 7NU


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October 2020


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UK Foreign Office Inspection Report

This former PoW site is an interesting one in that it was one of many PoW Camps created by the conversion of a dispersed Accommodation or Technical Site of a War Time Build Royal Air Force Station. Prior to WWII the RAF build its stations to a very high quality with technical and accommodation sites located as close to the runway and other facilities to form a highly integrated base. However, the advent of war required more Airfields that would also be easy to locate from the air. The result was two fold in that the sites were constructed using prefab and standardised buildings and where possible these should be placed in groups as far a part from one another and the airfield as practical to reduce casualties in the event of an air raid.

This site is unusual in that the RAF Station has continued to exist as the Donna Nook Bomb Range. The Runways and base has gone but two of the dispersed sites used for the Main and a Satellite PoW Camp within sight of the main camp have survived in part with a mixture of derelict and intact Maycrete Huts along with some more modern structures including bungalows and farm buildings.

Owing to the proximity of the Bomb Rang which is used by the military for dropping small practice bombs from various aircraft as well as for firing guns and auto canon it was not possible to use my drone.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 292 Donna Nook

Extracts from UK Foreign Office Inspection Report from UK National Archives Kew

FO 939-333 PoW Camp 292 Donna Nook – Camp Reports