PoW Camp 167 Stoughton

Remains of former Prisoner Of War (POW) Camp 167 Stoughton. Now known as Shady Lane Arboretum Evington Leicestershire


Arboretum Shady Lane, Leicester LE2 2FA


Last Site Visit

November 2019


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The Arboretum on Shady Lane is on the South Western edge of Leicester and a few short miles from The Billesdon Woodland Pool. Both of these sites being former PoW Camps and both stilled own by the government (local in this case). And of all the PoW Sites within Leicestershire these two are the only ones with posted visitor information at the sites entrance that shown the sites past.

In the case of the Arboretum it was originally built to accommodate US servicemen. It latter became PoW Camp 167 and finally was used for what many reports call squatters before the site was cleared and the Arboretum planted. In exploring this site, you can see small memorial plaques close to trees. One of these plaques just a few inches across defines why the site was built in the 1st place:

In Memory of Sophie Herrmann
23.9.1899 – c.a 1942
Murdered by Adolf Hitler
Mother Mine!
You cried bitter tears when last we parted.
They foreshadowed my own fears that never would we meet again.
Never did I have the chance to repay with my love, your many
scarifies and ever the lasting love for your grieving child

Original and Detail Images: