PoW Camp 20 Bickham

This former site is a open Plain coverd in course and scrub with wild horses and sheep roming free


Setley Plain, Brockenhurst, Hampshire


Site Visits

August 2019


DSLR and Drone Photos
UK War Office Diary

This site is almost Identical to 65 Setley Plain in Brockenhurst in Hampshire – it is a gorse covered plain with scrubland with wild horses and sheep. However, unlike Setley Plain it does not seem to have the noticeably clear building outlines that can be observed on Satellite View Maps or by using a Drone. I did come across what appears to be the entrance and a few bits of concrete here and there but that was it. The various War Diaries and research also points to the use of Tents at this site which may explain the lack of traces in this landscape that has remained relatively undisturbed since the removal of the camp.

Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 20 Bickham

Extracts from UK War Office Diary from UK National Archives Kew:

WO 166/17821 PoW Camp 20 Bickham – War Diary