PoW Camp 17 22 Hyde Park Gardens

The exterior of this building is largely like that as it would have been during WWII. Its location within central London means that it was probably used to hold and question high value PoWs and for Admin. These days the building has been divided into several flats and offices


22 Hyde Park Gardens London W2 2LY


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June 2019


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22 Hyde Park Gardens is in central London with a number or its neighbouring buildings being used as Embassies.

This building and surrounding area is I would say relatively unaltered since WWII. Given the size and location of this building and the information from research it appears that this building was used for Admin and perhaps the temporary holding of high value / ranked PoWs.

The building as it exists today has been divided into a number of flats and offices as evident by the brash plaque and multiple doorbells on the entry control system.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 17 22 Hyde Park Gardens