PoW Camp 230 Stuchendoff Camp

This sit has taken a bit of tracking down as research documents indicate the camp was located at Stuchendoff Farm and or House / Lodge. Infact the site is located just to the north of Stuchendoff House/Lodge


Stuckenduff. Shandon, Gare Loch. Scotland


Site Visits

July 2021


Drone Photos

Gare Loch is to be found a few miles west of Glasgow and has had a military presence for many years hosting as it does Faslane the UK’s primary Nuclear Submarine Base.

During WWII two PoW Camps were created further down the Lock; Stuchendoff and Blaivadach. Whilst the location and history of Blaivadach is well known the location of Stuchendoff has faded from memory with various reference documents providing contradictory information.

Today there are two places called Stuchendoff ; one a large old house, the other a farm. I visited both places and each of the owners denied that the PoW Camp had been there and polity denied permission to take photographs of their property. I therefore took a series of drone photographs of the general area flying the drone IAW CAP 722.

On returning home and doing further research i located the site of the PoW Camp which by chance I had managed to photograph. If you look at the Map within Malcolm Sanders research you will see an arrow pointing towards Stuckenduff and a building called Lodge. Okay to the left and above there is a property called Ardare. The camp was located at Ardare although by the name it is more than possible that Stuchendoff House/Lodge was also part of the camp. The site is shown in the headline image but is behind the trees. The central image below shows the farm from a distance

Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 230 Stuchendoff Camp