PoW Hostel Cwm Owen Camp

This former PoW Sub Camp is on an army range and is not always accessible


Cwm Owen / Tair Tywarchen, Sennybridge Dry Training Area, Breconshire, Wales


Site Visits

May 2019


DSLR Photos

This former PoW Hostel site lies within a military training area and consist of the remains of several Nissen Hut Bases. The huts were used as living accommodation for PoW working on local sheep farms. As with many such sites, post war the huts were removed and sold off, leaving the foundations behind.   

Whilst the public have access to the site it is restricted access with access being denied when in use by the army as indicated by Red Range Flags and Gates as was the case when I tried to visit.

Camera Images of the site entrance road of the former PoW Hostel Cwm Owen Camp