PoW Camp 143 Carlton Hall

Based on local information two hut bases have been identified as a part of the former PoW Camp 143 Carlton Hall. Given this and the location of the former hall it is highly probable that the camp was located between the Hall and local church.


Calton Hall Lane. Carlton in Lindrick. Workshop. Nottinghamshire


Site Visits

February 2021


DSLR and Drone Photos

This former PoW Camp was sited within the former grounds of Carlton Hall which was demolished post war.

There are questions as to the exact site of the camp. However, on my visit to the site I located two former Nissen Hut Bases at the South Side of what was the Park / Grounds of the hall and close to the local church.

In many sites located within the grounds of Stately homes the Camp was often located on the approach roads to the main house. This is consistent with the location of the surviving hut bases alone with what appears to be crop mark evidence spotted using the drone with the South East part of the former hall grounds.

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 143 Carlton Hall