PoW Camp 637 Centenary Road

site of the former PoW Camp along Centenary Road Goole, now a school with more bars than a jail


Centenary Road, Goole, Yorkshire

Site Visits

August 2019


DSLR Photos


Centenary Road Goole starts at one end with an old School that is now Goole Adult Learning Centre and finishes quite a few hundred metres later with Goole Academy School with mainly houses in between. Initially I only have the English Heritage data for the site so all I can say is that it’s along the road somewhere.

Of interest though is the different ages and builds of properties in that one side is all 100+ year old Terrance Houses. The Houses near Goole Academy are late 1930’s properties. There are a small number of post war council bungalows on a crescent along the road plus a small retail unit. Thus, having looked at the area the most probable location for the camp is:

  • Goole Academy School
  • Goole Adult Learning Centre
  • Council bungalows
  • Retail units close to Goole Adult Learning Centre

I do though have a very telling observation and that is the site security, multiple gates, fences, CCTV and Trespassers will be prosecuted Notes at Goole Academy. The Academy really is more secure than some of the PoW Camps and is more Secure than the Army Reserve / TA building in the next street.

Since visiting the site and initially selecting the images on this page Malcolm Sanders has published information that I forced to agree with as to there being huts at the Goole Academy Site indicating that that was the site of the former camp.

Camera Images of the site of general area of the former PoW Camp 637 Centenary Road site