PoW Camp 183 Beckton Marshes

The exact site of the PoW Camp has been lost. PreFab Housing being “Installed” behind a fence and 150m from the location derived by English Heritage for the former camp gives a great metaphor for the design and construction of the Camps


Armada Way, Beckton, London E6 7AB


Site Visits

June 2019


DSLR Photos

The exact location for this former Camp is not known. The general area has been lost to post war development that included the building of London City Airport as well as many industrial and a few residential units.

 My images have been taken in and around the general area of the coordinates given and a revisit will be needed on the identification of the actual site.

My images look at three sites along Armada Way:

  • The site of a former warehouse in which just the base and fence survive – an analogue of a PoW Camp
  • BDM Logistics locate at the coordinates given by English Heritage
  • The “Installation” of a PreFab House behind a fence – an analogue of a PoW Camp

Looking at Malcolm Sanders data on this site his location may be closer than mine, but it appears that little is known about this site. My intention is thus at some point to revisit this site and add images from Malcolms location

Camera Images in and around Beckton Marshes and the general area of former PoW Camp 183