PoW Camp 565 Rufford Abbey

The PoW Accommodation for camps 565 & 650 was located North and South of the original entrance road where the main and overspill carparks are now sited. These have been surfaced with tarmac and matting thus nothing has survived


Rufford Abbey Country Park, Ollerton, Nottinghamshire NG22 9DF


Site Visits

October 2019


DSLR Photos
Drone Photo

Rufford Abbey is an English Heritage Property that the remains of the Abbey Building and House. During WWII the site was used by Leicestershire Yeomanry, 6th Cavalry Brigade. Latter these moved out and Italian PoWs moved in. The huts were placed to the right and left of the main driveway (North & South). On leaving the site the Abbey building was wrecked.

The South side of the old entrance road is now the main visitor car park. The northside is an over spill car park. In talking to the staff, they told me that they striped back the grass and found stuff under the lawn relating to the camp and had to call bomb disposal twice when creating the over slip car park. This overspill car park on the North side of the original road was not surfaced like the main car park, but instead matting was laid down that allows the grass to grow through it.

With the Main car park and over spill one’s effectively being covered on visible evidence as to the PoW Accommodation Huts survives. However, there are info boards around the site and details on-line.

An interesting note; if you look at the title image you will see three skellingtons on the outside of the building, This was because I visited just before Halloween with an event being set up at the former Abbey

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 565 Rufford Abbey