No.1 Bomb Disposal SQ. Bunny Park

1 Bomb Disposal Camp – Bunny Park. The site employed trained and volunteer PoWs in the ordinance disposal and clean up following the end of WWII.


Wysall Road, Bunny, Nottinghamshire


Site Visits

January 2021


DSLR and Drone Photos

Following the end of the Second World War in Europe the UK was littered with ordnance. This was in the form of Ammunition Dumps, Charges set ito Bridges and defensive Structures as well as unexploded bombs dropped during air raids. This ordinance required consolidation to central depots and then safe disposal.

Whilst the majority of ordnance disposal was carried out by allied forces in the UK they were assisted in this effort by PoW who having undertaken ordnance disposal course were employed in the general clean up under the control of British troops.

Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire included large ordnance production and storage facilities at locations such as Grandon Park in Leicestershire. Bunny Park Nottinghamshire was one of the disposal sites. The location included within these images was initially located through the research of Malcolm Sanders who pointed out that the immediate post war OS Maps shows what appears to be a series of buildings along Wysall Road. This site is within a field on the opposite side of Wysall Road from Bunny Park and close to an ornate brick and stone entrance to the park. The site as it exists today has a series of brick built partially underground structures within what may a have been an embanked explosive handling area within the middle of a field. An additional brick structure can be found on the South West Corner of the same field.

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former No.1 Bomb Disposal SQ. Bunny Park