PoW Camp 152 Old Liberal Club

The Old Libral Club is now Charnwood Hall Nursing Home on Charnwood Road in Shepshead


Charnwood Hall Nursing Home, 38 Charnwood Rd, Shepshed, Loughborough LE12 9QF


Site Visits

January 2020


DSLR Images

I am from Leicestershire and until recently I had been able to identify the location of all of the main PoW sites within the county, except one that is. I reached out to other researchers on the WWII Talk Website and after some effort my self and others were able to finally locate the “Old Liberal Club”!

It turned out that this former PoW Camp was now used as a Nursing Home and is opposite the local Asda Store. At the moment that is literally all I can say about this former PoW Site.

Camera Images of the site of the former PoW Camp 152 Old Liberal Club