PoW Camp 98 Hill Farm Estate

The site of former PoW Camp 98 Hill Farm Estate is now a small industrail estate. This site is divied into two with a smalll number of surviving PoW Accommodation huts to be found at the rear half of the site


Addington Park Industrial Estate, Little Addington, Kerrering, Northamptonshire NN14 4AS


Site Visits

May 2019


DSLR and Drone Photos

I visited this site to find as expected an industrial estate called Addington Park Industrial Estate. In fact, the site is actually divided into two industrial estates. One estate is located close to the main road and is if I can use the term “Neater” of the two. The second part of the industrial estate is accessed by a long road that runs parallel to the south side of the “front” part of the Ind Est.

It is in this second or rear part of the estate in which four surviving PoW Accommodation type huts have survived. Three of the surviving huts are found together and abut or join a larger building. The other hut is a few tens of metres away and is on its own. All of the huts have been altered and adapted. In addition, an original large access / entrance gate is to be found close to the single hut.

Camera and Drone Images of Addington Park Industrial Estate and the site of the former PoW Camp 98 Hill Farm