PoW Camp 676 Puckridge Camp

Looking for the former PoW Camp 676 along Fleet Road with its abutting Military Sites


Puckridge Barracks, Fleet Road, Aldershot, Hampshire


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March 2019


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UK Foreign Office Inspection Report

Like a number of other sites, the English Heritage data does not give an exact location of the former PoW Site, in fact nor does the data I have had access to this far via the National Archives.

In some parts of the country it is possible to try and locate former sites including airbases and army sites via the use of the Satellite View of the various on-line mapping tools. It is simply NOT possible to do that in this area as this site is within the Aldershot Military area and Fleet Road which I know well from when I used to live in the area passes past the end of the runways at Farnborough and large parts of the area are still in use by the army as either woodlands and heath to which the public can also access to closed military camps.

I took a number of photographs along the length of this road or the road, of Farnborough and into a couple of the military bases. I was stopped and questioned twice, once by a Army Corporal and once by the MoD Police. I am ex—Forces and am fully aware of the rules, and what is permitted, I pointed this out and said that I was taking the photos from public land and the roads etc which is legal providing that it is I did not go into to or over the fences into the closed military areas which I did not.

In driving along the road and taking photos I did not find any direct evidence as to the location of the former PoW Site. However, I did find an old WWII Air raid Shelter that had been filled with concrete fence posts as well as a pillbox. What I did find though was Puckridge Barracks. This site according to the sign I photographed is part of the MoD locally employed Army Guard Unit and Dog Section.

Given that the PoW Camp was called Puckridge Barracks I am happy that the small Barracks I found is the location of the former PoW camp and have updated the location information.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 676 Puckridge Camp

Extracts from UK Foreign Office Inspection Report from UK National Archives Kew:

FO 1120/183 PoW Camp List 20Feb47 inc PoW Camp 676