PoW Hostel St Erth

This hostel like most others made up of Nissen Huts has now gone. In its place we have scrub land between housing and farmland


St Erths, Cornwall


Site Visits

March 2020


Drone Photos

The given coordinates for site of this former PoW Hostel is to be found on what is best design as uncultivated scrub land between some modern housing and farmland.

The farm field directly to the east of the given coordinates is very interesting in that when viewed by the drone appears to show the a classic outline of what may be two lines of Nissen Hut bases with an interconnection in the centre between the lines of huts. In addition, there is what appears to be a Maycrete Hut or its modern equivalent in the next field and just a few metres from the marks in the ground. Direct access to this field was not possible due to mud and the distance which owing to my spinal injury I was not able to walk; thus this site was shot using just the drone

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Hostel St Erth

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