PoW Camp 630 Kilverstone Hall

Probable location of former PoW Camp on the Sports Field


Kilverstone Hall, Brettenham Road, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 2RL


Site Visits

May 2019


DSL Photos

I arrived on a Sunday during a bank Holiday and the hall is now a either in whole or at least majority multiple business units thus there was no one around to ask about the history of the site. With Stately Home-based sites it was typical to locate the PoWs within the main buildings OR in Prefab buildings within the parkland that were typically removed post war and the site restored. The top of the sports field contained two buildings of about the same size as WWII PoW Huts and ancillary accommodation. On closer inspection these two huts had in part being rebuilt into sports pavilions / stores / chaining rooms. The end of each building had been extended with this brick work being different from the rest of the building. Furthermore, the roofs where not original with corrugated asbestos roof sheeting sections being found next to the buildings.

I found remarkably close to the two modified brick buildings the bases of what may have been two of three Nissen Huts. Furthermore, I found in the woods just behind the buildings several Nissen Hut Ribs. Given the above, my educated assumption is that there were several Nissen Huts located on what is now the sports field with two or more being close to the two brick buildings. It is further assumed that the two brick buildings on the top edge of the sports field may have been WWII PreFab and or Brick Buildings. Thus, it is my belief that the former PoW was in the Sports field close to the modern site entrance and close to where two brick pavilions can be found.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 630 Kilverstone Hall