PoW Camp 65 Bank Hall

This former PoW Site like other Stately Homes used by the military during the war was made up of; prefab buildings since removed, and the main house. Again, like similar sites the PreFab’s have gone leaving behind a badly damaged building currently being restored.


Bank Hall, Bretherton, Preston


Site Visits

January 2020


DSLR and Drone Photos

This stately home like many others was taken over during WWII with the military making use of the main buildings as well as putting up Nissan Huts and the likes in the grounds. The site was again like many others damaged by the military and by the 1970s was said to be in a very bad state of repair. Press reports are such that the site is being renovated via monies from Historic England as well as the National Lottery and other sources.

I visited this site on New Years day as I was in the area looking at other sites as well. The site at present is a building site with scaffolding and screening and as such it is NOT accessible. Likewise, the woodland and surrounding buildings are not accessible excepting for a row of private houses within the grounds. For personal safety as well as to respect privacy my photographs of the site were taken from the access roads without entering the buildings or woods. I also used the drone flying from the access roads and local area to photograph the site all be it from a distance.

No direct evidence of WWII and military prefab buildings exist in the images shot. I suspect though that various bases and drains may have survived.

This site may well be worthy of a revisit at some time in the future as the restoration project reaches its conclusion.

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 65 Bank Hall