PoW Camp 35 Boughton Park

The site of former PoW Camp 35 Boughton Park Camp is occupied by mature woodland land with limied and or restricted access


Boughton Park, Northamptonshire, NN14 1BJ


Site Visits

May 2019


Drone Photos

As anticipated from the examination of the Google and Ordinance Survey Maps this entire site as identified in terms of location by English Heritage is now woodland. The woods are not accessible from the A508 Harborough Road the site being behind a large dry stone wall with a large secure gate as the only access from the main road.

The immediate surrounding land including that of Boughton Hall, and Park is surrounded with a number of keep out type signs and I could not identify any other means of accessing the site. In view of the limited site access and the fact that it is now occupied by a mature woodland I opted to take images just using my Drone.

Drone Images of the site of the former PoW Camp 35 Boughton Park